10 Best Ways to Get Quality Backlinks for Your Website

Best Ways To Get Quality Backlinks

Backlinks or sites that link to your site are best determinants of website ranks or SEO. These apply on most of the search engines.

Higher backlinks simply means your website is building its‘organic traffic’. So if you find many authoritative websites link to your website, cheer up. You will get more traffic and your rank will improve. Be watchful of your Google rankings on regular basis.

Google tries to find backlinks for your site. It also tries to see web page correlations.

Here are some methods to help build backlinks or earn them for your website.

Broken link building method

It is one of the most effective methods for creating one-way backlinks. Simply contact a webmaster and report the broken links on his or her website.

Using Google search, find websites that are in line with your niche or domain. Look for websites with resource pages. Search them using their keywords and links.

You can download and install Google chrome plugin known as Check My Links. This plugin will notify you about all links from the page.

To establish communication with webmaster, maintain a friendly tone. Introduce yourself. Notify some of the resources to which he is linking are actually unavailable. Suggest other helpful links for replacement,  including your own website link. This method works pretty well as the webmaster may appreciate your suggestion. In that case he will send a backlink. But there is no surety. May be he never links back to you.


One of the most successful methods for building organic traffic for your website is to include Infographics. Infographics represent information in a graphical form, which looks interesting and easy to  understand. Most viewers love visual data and share them often. Mashable is an online publisher of Infographics throughout the web world.

Apply your wisdom in choosing Infographics. Your infographics should connect to your audience. Use an interesting story or theme for display in infographics like other link building company in india. Make a list of trending topics. Do a survey to find where public interest lies. Record statistical data carefully and use it to create the infographic.

Else, you can have someone create an infographic for your website. It may cost you around 150 to 300 USD. But if you 10 backlinks for 1 infographic, you actually are paying 15 USD per link. If your infographic gets viral, you will gain even higher rewards.

In order to find good Infographics designers, you may choose Dribble. For direct contact, you can upgrade your status to PRO at an annual cost of 20 USD annually. Type infographics in the search filter. When you find your party, click the option ‘hire me’. Then send message with specific details and ask for price. Another portal to look for infographics designers is Fiver.

In order to let users share your infographic, embed code using Siege Media generator. Submit your infographic to an infographics directory. Ask people to give feedback, but do not ask for backlink.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging refers to the act of publishing articles on known websites. This helps you display your content before new and good readers. Gradually, you can build your online reputation and get fan following on social media. Google accept guest posts readily on ‘Google Analytics’ blog. Similarly, there are unlimited scopes for publishing your content on third party websites. To find portals for publishing your guest post, use keywords. You can automate the key word search process using ‘Topsy. Always link your guest post to your social media profile.

Keeping track of competitor records

For getting organic traffic you need to observe your main competitors’ online marketing strategies. Watch out for their techniques for link building or earning. In addition, notice how they market their content. Set Google alerts to keep track of their new publication or new activity. Subscribe to their email newsletters. You can keep track of backlinks using Monitor Backlinks. This enables you to keep track of 4 competitors.

Building internal linking structures

Internal links are must for building and retaining a successful blog. Internal linking structure makes it easier for users to navigate through your site. Many internal links are automatically created when you run on wordpress. But it is better to create them yourself. You can have a maximum 100 internal links.

Content promotion

For content promotion, you can contact blogger or successful website companies. Quickly introduce your website to mark your unique presence.


Write testimonials for authoritative websites. You can earn a backlink in return for your testimonial, especially if you are a customer for the website.

Email outreach

Contact journalists and influencers from your niche by sending emails. Remember that your pitch must state your business purpose in a concise manner.


Find non profit organisation based websites. By donating a value to them you can earn backlinks.

Participating in online interviews

Look for websites taking online interviews. Describe your proposal or your contributions to knowledge promotion.


It is a challenging thing to earn quality backlinks. But you can achieve your target with help of right resources and techniques. Keeping track of website links is as significant as building or earning them. Use tools like Monitor Backlinks or Majestic for tracking backlinks. These tools has been used by most of the link building services company in India.

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