Discover the Process of Recognizing Thin Content

how to identify thin content

The main agenda of any website to be used by any visitors and Google should agree upon it. This is the most important reason why the search engine does not like thin content.

What is actually thin content?

Thin content is actually an amount of content in Google which do not have much value of its own.  People say that this content occurred due to lower count in words. The content generated automatically, copied from somewhere or it is full of errors. If actually, Google thinks that the entire page is not very useful for the people then it can certainly close it.  The content will be classified as ‘thin’ by the Google.

There are a number of reasons why this thin content is not useful.  This content will be impacted by serious penalties as well as the users will suffer a lot. If the users will open those pages then their journey of searching the desired content will slow down. Also, the SEO experts will also not able to build quality inbound links and you should hire a reputed SEO company. Click here to find it.

Thus, these are some major reasons why Google penalize those sites with thin content.  Google’ Panda update helps to particularly address such content and there are many e-commerce portals till date that have lost thousands of money because of publishing thin content. Also, the web page also gets ranking penalties and the results show in algorithm update or you can also charged manual penalty.

How to recognize thin content?

If you are thinking how to identify thin content as well as suspects that thin content is already present on the website then don’t just wait when Google will spam your thin content. It is better that you must take a stand by yourself and remove that content. Thus, if you still couldn’t find the thin content in your website then you can use the certain tool to analyze it.  You can use some tools like Google Webmaster Tools as well as Google Analytics and you must examine all of your blogs and articles. Prepare a list of problems like:-

  • Content acquiring very less traffic
  • Pages that have no value to your users which includes tags, categories etc. It is advisable to delete immediately.
  • Same content pages
  • Low word pages as ideally a page must have 500-word count
  • Content those have broken links.

How can you fix it?

So if you have practically found the thin content in your page then the next thing which you must do is to fix it.

The easiest strategy which you can take up to fix thin content is by rewriting the content entirely.  Most of the e-commerce sites tend to write the same content for each product and instead of doing that, you can change the content as per the product.  It will help to increase your genuine content a lot and also it will become useful for the readers.

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