7 Things about SEO that Business Owners Fear About

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Digital Marketing is still an alien concept for many business owners and amongst many of its aspects, SEO is one of the most important one that needs special mention. That is why, misconceptions regarding SEO are obvious and many in number.

But, upon careful reading, you will understand that SEO is not that difficult a concept; rather it is very important that you incorporate SEO into your marketing strategy.

Here is a list of the misconceptions that business owners must get rid of.

1. SEO is complicated:

Certainly SEO is not kindergarten syllabi; but it is neither rocket science. And in a constantly evolving digital marketing scenario, it can be difficult to cope with. They are changing their strategies, methods and rules with every passing week. So, the best way to learn about SEO is to stay updated, read about them in the millions of blogs and articles that are being posted every day.
There are blogs on a number of SEO strategy niches. These include –|

• Latest news on Search Engines and their updates
• Digital Marketing
• Conversion Rate Marketing
• Special tips on SEO by expert professionals.

Embracing SEO will only yield positive outputs and it is one of the most important business decisions that you must take.

2. SEO is a Scam:

It can’t be denied that there are digital marketing scammers, who prey on those business owners, who do not have much idea of what SEO is. Hence, business owners, who are looking for SEO experts and digital marketers, must avoid those SEO companies that offer guaranteed services.

This is because, the SEO algorithms keep changing frequently and excelling them shortly is something next to impossible. Hence, guarantees are red flags to stay away from. Though SEO is not too expensive a process, it is neither cheap. When you plan your SEO strategies and campaigns, be aware of the links that might make you greedy.

On the contrary, educate yourself with the blogs, webinars or hangout sessions that are absolutely free and help you with understanding SEO strategies.

3. SEO Specialists will Destroy my Business:

Wrong SEO decisions can spoil your business website rankings on the search engine. However, this is a rare scenario, which is possible only in case the business owner stays blind to the results of the SEO strategies.

Hence, it is always a good idea to take small steps, before taking huge leaps. It is only after building a good relationship with the SEO agency that you should start taking huge SEO decisions.

4. SEO is Very Expensive:

The best part of SEO is that you start from stepping small and then move on to taking huge steps.
An example from One Thing Marketing can be referred to here.

Suppose you start with an investment of $1000 in your SEO strategy. Your digital marketing agency or team comes up with keywords that can fetch about 35,000 searches a month. With a rank on the first page, the average CTR or click-through rate would be 2%. With this CTR, if about 5% visitors are converted into customers, it would yield a $100 sale.

This means that the ROI is 250%.

On the contrary, the traditional marketing expenses can be $3,000 to $25,000. This is way higher than SEO expenses and also, the ROI is difficult to track.

5. It will be Difficult to Quantify Spending:

This is yet another extremely common misconception regarding SEO. When you use the different SEO tools to generate leads as well as for landing pages, it actually brings a great deal of quantifiable traffic. The keywords, clicks, traffic sources as well as the impressions can be tracked in details, no matter how big or small the business website SEO project is. As you hire a London SEO agency for this task, you will find that they will guide you regarding the detailed track records that the Dashboard of Google Analytics will offer you. A comprehensive snapshot of this record can be accessed from Google.

These engagement metrics and demographic information can help you with your future optimization strategies.

6. It is Wastage of Money to Create Content:

It must be mentioned here that content and SEO are inseparable and two sides of a single coin. Drawing traffic to you website is only one aspect of the SEO strategy and in fact, the simple part of the process. What is even more important is to encourage the users to stay on your business website and not leave and come back time and again. What can make this easier is quality content.
According to the study report by Ascend2, about 72% of all the digital marketers reported that they believe relevant and high quality content is the key to make the visitors stay in the website.
No SEO strategy can be useful or no matter how huge the visiting traffic is, if the content is not unique. You must make sure that your website content is something that your visitors or potential customers cannot get elsewhere. It is not just like that, that they say “Content is King”. It is and it will be even in the years to come.

7. SEO Results Take a lot of Time:

Often business owners think that it takes a lot of time for the SEO strategies to fetch results. That’s not untrue – they indeed do not come quick enough. However, the brighter side is that, once you reach the desired goal, it becomes easier to stay there.
If you ask a London SEO agency about how long it takes to get the SEO results, some would say, it can’t be said and some would say about six months. Well, it needs to be mentioned that it depends on many factors to see the results. You will see some changes after about six months, but they would not be any indication of what is about to come after a year.

So, what you need to do is, wait and it is certain that it will be worth it.
The Final Words:
SEO can be a little difficult to understand at a glance. But this is why the SEO experts and agencies with expert digital marketers are there to help you. With right SEO decisions, even the small enterprises can compete with the roaring pioneers.

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